12 April 2017

News Story: Kabul To Send ‘Clear Message’ To Taliban At Moscow Talks

By Sharif Amiri

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) on Tuesday said Kabul is committed to sending a ‘clear message’ to the Taliban during the upcoming conference on Afghanistan in Moscow.

The Taliban must realize that they cannot reach their objectives by waging war and violence, MoFA spokesman Ahmad Shekib Mustaghni said.

He added that at the meeting, Afghanistan would also push participating countries to deliberate the issue of terrorist safe havens and that terrorists must not be differentiated between.

“Our message to the Taliban in this meeting is that they cannot achieve their goals through war and it has been proven. Another message is that terrorists should not be differentiated between,” Mustaghni stated.

Meanwhile, Office of Abdullah Abdullah, the CEO of the National Unity Government, expressed hope that the upcoming talks in Moscow would help get the peace talks back on track.

“The government of Afghanistan wants regional solidary to be forged in its campaign against terrorism and the Afghan peace process is supported,” the CEO’s spokesman Jawed Faisal said.

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