19 April 2017

News Story: Japan's defense ministry looking to attract more female SDF personnel

TOKYO, April 18 (Xinhua) -- Japan's Ministry of Defense said Tuesday it was launching an initiative to attract more female personnel to join and serve alongside their male counterparts in the Self-Defense Forces as part of a broader governmental push to address gender disparity in the workforce.

At a press briefing on the matter, Japan's Defense Minister Tomomi Inada said the initiative was aimed at making the Self-Defense Forces an attractive organization that was "adaptable to the times and environment."

According to the Defense Ministry, the number of females currently playing an active role within Japan's Self-Defense Forces is lower than in other major industrialized countries.

The latest move will allow women to be hired for all positions in the Ground, Air and Maritime Self-Defense Forces, including in infantry and tank units and others that might involve direct combat, the ministry said.

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