12 April 2017

News Story: Indonesian police beef up security after string of attacks in their stations

JAKARTA, April 11 (Xinhua) -- Indonesian police will beef up security in their regional stations following string of attacks in their facilities lately with the latest one occurred in Central Java province's Banyumas precinct station on Tuesday that wounded three police, a senior police officer said here.

"To prevent reoccurrence of such an attack, we would escalate our alertness in every region," a spokesperson and national police headquarters Martinus Sitompul said in his office here.

Regarding the latest measure to anticipate the attacks, police headquarters would issue directions to stations, he added.

Commenting on the latest attack against a police station in Banyumas police station earlier in the day, Martinus said that investigation against the perpetrator is underway at present.

"So we were yet to be able to disclose neither his motive nor his background, whether he is a member of a radical group or not," Martinus said.

Three police were wounded in the attack solely carried out by a 22 year-old man namely M. Ibnu Dar in the police station on Tuesday morning.

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