12 April 2017

News Story: DCI completes training of first crews for Indian Navy Scorpene-class Submarines

India's 1st Scorpene-class submarine (File Photo)
Défense Conseil International (DCI), the reference operator of the French Ministry of Defence for the transfer of French military know-how to international partners, has completed training of the first of two crews of Indian submariners for future Scorpene-class submarines. The training is part of the P-75 programme, launched between India and France in October 2005, which covers the construction of six Scorpène submarines by the Indian shipyard Mazagon Dock Limite

Since September 2015, DCI has been in charge of training two crews for future Scorpène-type submarines, one of the most advanced and modern submarines in the world, thanks to a much higher degree of automation than previous-generation designs.

Under the P-75 programme, DCI has deployed a team of nine expert submariners to train two crews, i.e. 100 Indian submariners, and transfer to them the know-how of the French Navy. The trainees include several instructors who will subsequently train the crews of the four other submarines in the P-75 programme.

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