14 March 2017

News Story: Two ANA Bases Under One-Month Taliban Siege In Baghlan

By Hamid Shirzai

Two big bases of Afghan National Army (ANA) in Baghlan-e-Markazi district have been under Taliban siege for nearly one month, but still no force has come to help the surrounded soldiers, a member of the Baghlan Provincial Council said on Sunday.

Council members say the Taliban have besieged the bases for three weeks. ANA operations could not break the siege and the soldiers inside the bases are suffering difficult days and nights.

“Mangalha and Alavuddin military bases have been surrounded by Taliban for one month. Taliban have warned the people living in the villages near to the bases to evacuate the area. According to our contact with the ANA soldiers, they are in a very difficult situation,” said Mohammad Zarif Zarif, member of the council.

Villagers say the Taliban have closed all the roads and their houses have been destroyed in fights between Taliban and security forces.

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