11 March 2017

News Story: Six alleged terrorists arrested in Indonesia

JAKARTA, March 10 (Xinhua) -- Indonesia's anti-terror squad of Densus 88 arrested six alleged terrorists identified to have planned attacks against police stations and banks in the province's Tolitoli regency, a police officer said on Friday.

The alleged terrorists were now detained in Tolitoli police's detention cells following the arrest that occurred in earlier in the day, spokesperson of provincial police headquarters Hari Suprapto said.

"Interrogation against them is underway. There will be a briefing conveyed by provincial police chief tomorrow," Hari was quoted as saying by state media, Antara.

He said that the squad members arrested explosive materials comprised of KNO32 fertilizer, sulfur, charcoal and nails, allegedly to be assembled into bombs.

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Story Quote: "squad members arrested explosive materials"

PacificSentinel: Wow, these guys don't mess around, I wonder what the "charges" will be? LoL