17 March 2017

News Story: Myanmar gov't advisory commission on Rakhine state issues interim report, recommendations

YANGON, March 16 (Xinhua) -- Myanmar government's Advisory Commission on Rakhine State, chaired by former Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan, has submitted an interim report and recommendations on the regional issue to the government, said the commission member Ghassan Salame Thursday.

Read by Salame to the press, the commission's interim report said the nature of the crisis facing Rakhine state has changed to the attacks of Oct. 9, last year and the subsequent security operations.

The commission proposed a series of measures to address the situation in Rakhine state, which include a renewed call for unimpeded access for humanitarian actors and journalists to the affected areas in northern Rakhine and for independent and impartial investigation of the allegations of crimes committed on and since Oct. 9, last year.

The commission believes that the perpetrators of these crimes must be held to account. The recommendations also include proposals relating to the protection of rights, freedom of movement, enhanced economic and social development and the edification of Rakhine's cultural heritage.

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