16 March 2017

News Story: Farah Downgraded To War-Hit Province

By Tamim Hamid

The security status of Farah province in the country’s west has changed from an insecure to a fully war-hit province, a report by TOLOnews reveals.

Except for Khaki Safed, Gulistan and Bakwa districts - which are main strongholds of the Taliban - seven other administrative areas, including the central city of the province, are insecure and war-hit.

Officials in Farah admitted they are more concerned about maintaining government offices in every district of the province than ending Taliban’s dominance in many parts of the province.

“The war is not a war of weapons and gunpowder, it is an intelligence war, a cultural war. Sometimes you will see that the game is bigger than this. It means that the war has become regional, beyond the country’s borders. It means that the origins of the conflict have roots outside the country,” Farah governor Mohammad Asif Nang said.

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