13 March 2017

News Story: ‘Doctor Helped Terrorists Attack Hospital In Kabul’

By Abdul Wali Arian

A doctor of Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan hospital named Shakir, created the opportunity for terrorists to enter and place themselves in the building and to carry out the attack, a reliable source has told TOLOnews.

According to the source, Shakir was a military doctor in Kandahar and  transferred to Kabul. He was then stationed in the military hospital.

The source said an explosive device also was replaced in Shakir’s vehicle. He added that Shakir himself also fired on people and was arrested by security forces.

 “Two women were standing in front of me, he shot both of them and I escaped. When he turned, I saw half of his face. He had black beard and I think I have seen him earlier with his white cloths,” the source said.

Doctors wounded in the attack, said they saw people among the insurgents who looked familiar to them. 

“They may have come in using a vehicle. No individual can pass any security checkpoint without being checked. When we go to see our patients five times per day, security men check us when return,” said Zabiullah, a doctor.

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