29 January 2015

News Story: Taiwan's air force demonstrates P-3C sub-hunting aircraft

P-3C Orion (Wiki Info - Image: Wiki Commons)

The ROC Air Force on Tuesday showcased the P-3C submarine-hunting aircraft of which the country is taking delivery from the United States, a move designed to highlight the military's high level of alertness and to strengthen its combat readiness ahead of the Lunar New Year break in February.

The drill was held at an air base in southern Taiwan's Pingtung county and included the participation of the 439th Combined Wing. Based at the Pingtung base, the wing is responsible for tactical airlifts, maritime search-and-rescue, patrols and anti-submarine missions.

During the drill, P-3C pilots demonstrated takeoff and also flew the aircraft at low altitude. Air Force ground crew later demonstrated the process of arming the planes with torpedoes.

It was the first time the Air Force had given the media a closer look at the P-3C.

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