29 January 2013

News Story: US deploys advanced aircraft to Okinawa

E/A-18G Growler (Click to Enlarge)

To support Japan in any war with China over the disputed Diaoyutai (Diaoyu in China and Senkaku in Japan) islands , the United States had deployed five of its most advanced aircraft to the southern island of Okinawa, reports our sister newspaper, Want Daily.

Eight F-22A Raptors and approximately 300 airmen from the 1st Fighter Wing and 192nd Fighter Wing were deployed to the Kadena Air Base as part of the Pacific Command's Theater Security Package rotation. This is the seventh temporary deployment of F-22 Raptors to Okinawa.

The deployment will also allow American pilots to fly with their Japanese counterparts. "We have a unique opportunity to fly with the Japanese Air Self Defense Force and build a stronger rapport with the people," said Lt Col Jason Hinds, commander of 1st Fighter Wing's 94th Squadron, "We are grateful to have the opportunity to learn about their culture while refining the integrated tactics utilized in air combat."

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