04 December 2012

News Story: Indian Navy will intervene in South China sea, if required

Indian Frigate INS Teg

Reported by Sudhi Ranjan Sen, 
Edited by Abhinav Bhatt

New Delhi: The Indian Navy is practicing to operate in the South China Sea to protect the country's economic assets. 

Speaking to reporters in New Delhi, Admiral D.K. Joshi said, "Where our country's interests are involved, we will protect them and we will intervene." 

The Eastern Naval Command - which looks at India's eastern sea board and is likely to play a key role when the Navy is deployed in South China Sea - is also being strengthened. 

China, which put its first aircraft carrier into service in September, has been locked in a series of disputes over strategic islands in the region, including with Vietnam and the Philippines over territory in the South China Sea.

The decision to use the Indian Navy in the region comes days after Chinese state media announced that the southern Hainan province, which administers the South China Sea, approved laws giving its police the right to search vessels that pass through the waters.

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