About Pacific Sentinel

This blog has been created to gather together information regarding political situations, military preparedness and military technology influencing the Asia-Pacific region and those regions surrounding us.
The Asia-Pacific region is growing in political and military power at a rapid rate, and as it grows so too does the tensions between neighbouring nations over territorial borders, mining and fishing rights, right of passage and other concerns.
Strides are being made to ease tensions, to eliminate terror networks and to work together, only time will tell how successful this will be.
I hope the readers of this blog will take the opportunity to discuss the possible outcomes of these situations, the technology being used or developed and the direction the region is going.


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(Green) Main Areas of Interest
  • This is the area discussed on a regular basis, the political and military decisions that shape the region and the technology that will play a role in any future conflict/anti-terrorist operations.
(Yellow) Peripheral Areas of Interest
  • This area is on the edge of the Asia/Pacific region, what happens here has an effect on the Asia/Pacific and will be detailed when it is relevant to the wider region.
(Red) Special Areas of Interest
  • The USA/Canada and Russia are located on the rim of the Asia/Pacific Region, and the USA and Russia are major suppliers of weapons across the region, due to these reasons they have a large amount of influence in the region. Anything that effects the Asia/Pacific region will be discussed here, anything that does not directly affect the region MAY be discussed, but will probably be ignored.
(Purple) Only discussed if pertinent to Asia/Pacific Region
  • These areas don’t have a direct bearing on the region, as such they will only be discussed as a weapons supplier, or if they are involved in a Political or Military action against or with a member nation of the Asia/Pacific Community.