08 June 2017

News Story: Tokyo conference spotlights Asia’s sustainable development

Tokyo (VNA) – Measures to maintain stability and sustainable development in Asia amid the increasing trade protectionism were discussed at the 23rd International Conference on the Future of Asia in Tokyo, which was hosted by Nilkkei Inc of Japan on June 5. 

President and CEO of Nilkkei Inc Naotoshi Okada asked how to retain stability and sustainable development in the region and what Asian counties should do to prevent increasing trade protectionism. 

He expressed his belief that leaders and experts will discuss the issue straightly.

Meanwhile, former Singaporean Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong warned of the growing sentiment that economic integration in the West is “not Asia’s interest”.

“It is time for Asia to stand up for free and fair trade, reap the full benefits of globalisation, and shape the new global agenda”, he stressed.

He called on China and Japan – the powerful economies in Asia to cooperate in driving economic integration and free trade in the region. 

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