05 June 2017

News Story: Security Officials Need To Answer Over Funeral Bombing - CEO

Shortly after returning from the burial ceremony which was hit by three back-to-back explosions, CEO Abdullah Abdullah, who survived the bombing, raised questions over how three suicide bombers were able to join the mourners, which included high-ranking government officials, former jihadi leaders and lawmakers..

“Security officials should answer to what they have done, the (Kabul) Garrison officials should respond (about what they have done) and what they are doing to ensure security. The part which is relevant to us to ask security officials, we assure the people of Afghanistan that we will not let this go unnoticed,” Abdullah said at a press conference at his home on Saturday afternoon.

“Serious assessments should be done about today’s incident; what were the security measures, how were three suicide bombers able to reach the area?” he asked. 

Commenting on casualties he said: “I don’t have details about today’s incident. You (journalists) say that the casualties are high. I also think so. We don’t have the exact figure about this. I hope the exact figure will be shared with the people soon.”

He said demonstrations are the right of every citizen and that those who fired on protesters will be prosecuted.

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