08 June 2017

News Story: Abdullah Says Current Situation Is 'Sensitive'

In the closing speech at the Kabul Process meeting on Tuesday, the Chief Executive of Afghanistan, Abdullah Abdullah, called on regional and world countries to stay on the same page in the fight against terrorism. 

“In fight against terrorism, we must use the same toolkit, whether we confront lone-wolves or state actors enabling terrorism,” Abdullah said referring to terrorist havens on the other side of the Afghan borders.

“Terrorism whose headquarters is located outside our borders, misuses Islam and provokes ethnic politics to recruit terrorists.” 

“In our fight against terrorism, we need to commit to uprooting sanctuaries and dismantling support infrastructures. Most of these elements are external to Afghanistan, and we need to do something about them before it’s too late,” he added. 

He said the Afghan government believes that stability will enable greater connectivity across the region.

He described the current situation in the country as “sensitive” and made a number of suggestions to address the circumstances on the ground. 

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