12 May 2017

News Story: Locals Upbeat Over Improved Security In Maidan Wardak

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By Tamim Hamid

Maidan Wardak, which is close to Kabul city and had a reputation of being an insecure province, has made an about turn and is now fairly calm in terms of insurgent activity.

The reopening of Maidan Shahr-Jalrez highway for military conveys is also an indication of improved security in the province, locals said.  

TOLOnews reporter Tamim Hamid, who visited the province, said there were still however roadside mines and the occasional Taliban snipers on the highway.  

Security officials said that the relative calm in security came about after military operations in the past few months.  

“The area has lots of green areas (with many trees) which is in favor of the enemy and we had only problems in two points,” said Mohammad Farooq Hashimi security officer for the Maidan Shahr-Jalrez highway.

“One or two points were vulnerable and challenging for us so we created checkpoints,” said Ghafoor Aziz, Maidan Wardak’s highway security officer.

In recent years, this highway was considered one of the most dangerous in the country but now, after three years, it is once again open to traffic – including supply trucks and military vehicles.  

A few months ago, it had been impossible for security forces to use the highway, however, it is now passable despite the risk of roadside mines. 

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