21 April 2017

News Story: Russian navy visits Philippines as Duterte tightens ties with US foes

By: Manual Mogato

MANILA —  Russian  navy vessels arrived in the  Philippines on Thursday for joint exercises as part of a drive for new security  ties under President Rodrigo  Duterte's revamped foreign policy of courting the traditional  foes of Manila's top ally, Washington. 

The guided-missile cruiser Varyag, accompanied by the fuel tanker ship, Pechenge, are on a four-day goodwill visit to the  Philippines, the second port call by  Russian warships in three months. 

The move is part of what  Duterte describes as a pursuit of a constitutionally mandated "independent foreign policy." He has made no secret of his grudge against the United States and has made befriending Russia and China the priority of his diversification drive. 

Captain Lued Lincuna, director of the Philippine  navy's public affairs, said the  Philippines hoped to learn from the  Russians during training activities and a demonstration of advanced equipment and weapons systems.

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