18 April 2017

News Story: President Ghani Meets Trump’s National Security Advisor

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah held discussions with U.S President Donald Trump’s national security adviser H.R McMaster at the Presidential Palace on Sunday over the security situation in Afghanistan, ARG said in a statement.

McMaster, who arrived in Kabul early Sunday, met with National Unity Government (NUG) leaders and high-ranking officials, and discussed other issues including Afghan-America relations, the fight against terrorism, regional issues, and the economic and development situation in the country.

According to the statement, Ghani said at the meeting that terrorism is a serious threat to regional and world security and if measures are not put in place to fight the scourge it will have a lasting impact for generations to come.  

Ghani also said apart from terrorism, drugs and corruption were a serious challenge in the country and affecting security, stability and development.

He also said that these issues needed to be fought jointly and that there should be a clear vision on terrorism with no distinction being made between good and bad.

At the meeting, Ghani said that the Afghan government has taken practical steps to fight corruption and that it will increase efforts to combat the scourge.

McMaster reiterated Ghani remarks on terrorism and said terrorism and drugs were a joint threat for the region and the world and to eliminate these threats countries must fight them together.  

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